It’s been a long time…

Hey everybody,

Been a long time since my last post. Had a lot happen in my life outside of music…I moved across the country for starters.

If you don’t already know about it, I had a new album out. It’s called Jazz Carnival, and is a collaboration between pianist David Ryshpan and myself. The album is available worldwide on iTunes, and on CD in Japan (P-Vine). You can hit up the mysapce for some samples of the tunes. I will post a couple things on here in the near future.




3 Responses to “It’s been a long time…”

  1. Just picked up your Jazz Carnival album on amazonmp3. Looking forward to new things from you. Where are you now? I just moved to Montreal from California… fan of your music since I first heard the Loop & Swing album.

  2. evilgenius102 Says:

    awhile back, I previewed it and bought a good number of tracks off the album from itunes. its very different from the think twice I’m use to, but not necessarily a bad thing. NOW, i recommend everybody thats a fan of think twice cop the whole album.

  3. Troy H (Cali) Says:

    Dude TT, the album was awesome. Definitely a different side of you than I’ve seen with A Loop and Some Swing and your Specifics work, but I really liked it. It’s cool to see your versatility. Hoping to hear some new shit soon! And are you and Golden Boy still doin’ your thing or Specifics is two albums and out?

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