Uyama Hiroto f. Golden Boy (Specifics) “Vision Eyes”


This is crazy for me – I was surfing the net and came across this track. Golden Boy recorded this vocal at Nujabes’ house while we were in Japan for the Specifics show, and we never really heard anything about it. Now I see that it’s come out on Nujabes’ protoge Uyama Hiroto’s album “A Son of the Sun”. It’s on a real different vibe than I’m used to, but I think the track works.

Uyama Hiroto f. Golden Boy (Specifics) “Vision Eyes”

My pick from the album is “Fly Love Song” with Pase Rock (Five Deez)




4 Responses to “Uyama Hiroto f. Golden Boy (Specifics) “Vision Eyes””

  1. Julian Segal Says:

    Hey can you send me the download for Vision Eyes?

  2. Love this song, golden boy rips it up.

  3. Daniel Teskey Says:

    damn that vision eyes joint is amaze. if i could download it to my mp3 player id be bumping it everywhere. anywhere i could download or buy it?

  4. evilgenius102 Says:

    this is a nice track. took me more than a few repeats to actually get into it thhough. …on some very smooth and laid back ish. i dont think uyama could have gotten anybody better for the track.

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